An amazing fruit

The black currant, also known by Quebecers as gadelle noire, is a remarkably fragrant, purplish-black berry. The first European settlers brought this delectable treasure with them when they came to the Americas. At the time, the fruit was already widely appreciated for its medicinal qualities. We now also know that the black currant is brimming with vitamin C, is an anti-oxydant, anti-inflammatory and contains polyphenol which has numerous virtues, including immune-system boosting capacities.

FlecheCassis Monna & filles grows many varieties of black currants, including the Titania and the Ben Lomond, which have a strong aroma, are abundant in juice and are highly resistant to plant diseases. The black currant is also perfectly adapted to harsh Québec winters. The fruit is harvested over a two-week period in early August when the fruit is perfectly ripe and bursting with flavour.