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With this heat wave, is there is anything better than an artisanal soft serve ice cream?

With the hot weather that is coming in the next few days, there is nothing better than an artisanal soft serve ice cream to cool yourself down. Cassis Monna & filles invites you to come and taste the famous vanilla or blackcurrant soft serve, the only one that is made in an artisanal way in Québec city. Our new ice cream bar offers 18 flavors of irresistible gelatos and sherbets!

Nicole Homier - there is 11 months ago

Bonjour les filles, j'avais hâte au 1 juin 2018 pour déguster ma première molle cassis ... mais Oups !

On ne la fait plus, moi qui la vantait à tous ... en espérant qu'elle revienne et moi aussi.