La Monnaguette

Around 1930, in the Southern French town of Brissac, the Monna family ran a store called Source la Monnaguette that sold liquor, wine and lemonade. Upon finding a bottle dating from this era at the bottom of a river, Catherine Monna was inspired to pay tribute to her ancestors by using this name for her little gourmet shop. FlecheMenu

Stop for a culinary treat at La Monnaguette and enjoy its charming terrace wonderfully decorated with beautiful flowers and offering a spectacular view of the Île d’Orléans bridge. Come anytime from June to September and discover a thousand and one ways to enjoy black currants. Some of our delicious menu items: Warm goat-cheese salad with honey/black currant coulis Québec cheese duo with Capiteux Duck confit with black currant jam Ice cream and sorbet à la Île d’Orléans.