5th generation of liquorist

Our story began in 1872 when Louis Monna founded the eponymous maison Louis Monna, which specialized in the distillery of fine wines and spirits in l'Hérault, France. In 1925, his daughter Louise took over the family business with her husband, and rebranded it Pin-Monna Successeur. Meanwhile, her brother Émile founded the Source Monnaguette, offering alcohols and lemonades. Proud of this heritage, his son, also Émile Monna, sails for Quebec where he teaches his children all that he knows - among them Bernard, founder of Cassis Monna & Filles.

Today, it is the 5th generation of the Monna family - sisters Catherine and Anne - who stand at the helm of their family business.

Bernard Monna move to l'Île d’Orléans

A native of Southern France and fourth-generation liquoriste, Bernard Monna is the first to produce black currant wines and Crème de Cassis here in Québec. He first arrived on Île d'Orléans in the early 70s and quickly settled into the area that was to become his home. The spot boasted the ideal microclimate for growing black currant - damp and well-drained soil protected from the spring frost due to its proximity to the river.

Cassis Monna & Filles currently cultivates 22 hectares of land and produces over 85,000 bottles per year - numbers that are sure to continue to grow. Heir to a long-standing family tradition, Bernard Monna is proud to be passing down his knowledge to his two daughters, Catherine and Anne, who will ensure that the tradition is carried on for years to come.

The blackcurrant

The black currant, also known by Quebecers as gadelle noire, is a remarkably fragrant, purplish-black berry. The first European settlers brought this delectable treasure with them when they came to the Americas. At the time, the fruit was already widely appreciated for its medicinal qualities. We now also know that the black currant is brimming with vitamin C, is an anti-oxydant, anti-inflammatory and contains polyphenol which has numerous virtues, including immune-system boosting capacities.

Cassis Monna & Filles grows many varieties of black currants, including the Titania and the Ben Lomond, which have a strong aroma, are abundant in juice and are highly resistant to plant diseases. The black currant is also perfectly adapted to harsh Quebec winters. The fruit is harvested over a two-week period in early August when the fruit is perfectly ripe and bursting with flavour.

A bright future

Catherine and Anne Monna joined their father Bernard in the family trade nearly 15 years ago, after successfully launching the charming La Monnaguette restaurant and terrasse. The sisters now lead the business, and are expanded it to reflect their creativity.

As a child, Anne spent many summers selling their Crème de Cassis to passersby from a small, makeshift kiosk on the Chemin Royal. With that entrepreneur spirit, it was only natural that she would join Catherine as soon as she opened La Monnaguette in 2001.


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