l’Île d’Orléans, an inviting garden

The Maison Cassis Monna & Filles has been synonymous with passion and innovation for 30 years. Our domain is deployed over 22 hectares of land, where we produce more than 85,000 bottles of sumptuous black liquors each year.

Our wine cellar & gourmet boutique

Our wine cellar is also a lovely gourmet boutique currently open all week. Visitors are invited to enjoy tasting of our high-end alcoholic beverages and black currant by-products.

All our products are available as well as our spirits. Our Vodka is available exclusively on site at the estate.

Our boutique is also a vitrine for all black currant related delicacies, developed in collaboration with local gourmet artisans, such as Les Canardises (Crème de Cassis foie gras mousse), la Miellée de Morphée (churned black currant honey), and La Nougaterie (nougats, meringues, marshmallows, etc.).

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Our Dairy Bar

Dive into childhood with our 18 scrumptious flavours of gelatos and sorbets. Our artisanal blackcurrant-vanilla "softie" is already a fan favourite, with clients driving kilometres for a taste.

La Monnaguette restaurant

Around 1930, in the Southern French town of Brissac, the Monna family ran a store called Source la Monnaguette that sold liquor, wine and lemonade. Upon finding a bottle dating from this era at the bottom of a river, Catherine Monna was inspired to pay tribute to her ancestors by using this name for her little gourmet shop.

Stop for a culinary treat at La Monnaguette and enjoy its charming terrace wonderfully decorated with beautiful flowers and offering a spectacular view of the Île d'Orléans bridge. Come anytime in the summer and discover a thousand and one ways to enjoy black currants.

Please note that we do not take reservations, but apply depending on a first come, first served. Thanks for your understanding.


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Our economuseum

Recognized for its savoir-faire, Cassis Monna & filles is a member of the Économusée® network and gives you the opportunity to learn all about what it means to be a liquoriste. Come discover the family's history and methods of fabrication, the origins of the black currant, its medicinal virtues and much more.

The mission of the Économusée® network is to promote and keep alive traditional crafts and knowledge. The network groups together cottage industries specializing in arts and crafts and agri-food products that open to the public, offering an interactive, recreational and enriching experience. Visit artisans of the Économusée® network and learn about their history, traditional production techniques and contemporary products stamped with identity and originality. Discover Artisans at work!


  • +1 418 828 2525

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